Individual Coaching

Why Individual Coaching?

Coaching is your moment, one that gets you out of the daily rush, creates space to feel your emotions and think about what matters to you as a person.  What makes you performant, balanced, and happy?

Together, we set specific and measurable objective(s). You develop strategies and actions to reach your goals, increase self-awareness and get another perspective on questions you may have been struggling with for some time. Coaching you the is not about giving you the answers. It is rather about facilitating your thinking so you find solutions that work for you, in line with your values, your talents, and your ambition.

Coaching offers tools and strategies to help you achieve your full potential.  You will be taken out of your comfort zone to achieve more, better.  You will find energy to progress, to grow and to reach your goals.

What does it look like?

During the first session, you will define your goals, typically between one and three.  We work together to make them clear, ambitious and achievable, inspiring and positive.  Most of my coachees set one or two professional goals and one more personal. This brings balance.  As different as those goals might be, you will be surprised to discover how they most probably influence, contradict or reinforce each other. 

Throughout the sessions, you develop strategies to achieve your objectives.  We agree together on some actions to perform in-between the meetings, so you can progress your thinking and experience your findings.  Each time we meet, we review your progress and set challenging yet achievable next actions. Each time you learn from your successes and failures.


You will embark in a positive improvement journey, building on your talents to grow and achieve your goals. Identifying and appreciating your strengths is a crucial part of the coaching process which will start during the first session, through questioning or using a predefined assessment.  That discovery continues afterwards, increasing your awareness of who you are, what gives you energy, and how to aim those talents towards achieving your objectives.

Depending on the nature of your goals, we will define together the number of sessions needed.  Typically the sessions last between 60 and 120 minutes.  They can take place face to face or via videoconference.  Six sessions over a period of 3 to 6 months is the most usual setup. One session could be enough, or you might want to continue for a few more.

In any case, you remain in charge of your own coaching process.  You can always decide to stop and there is never a need to justify your decision.

Executive Coaching

Being an executive can be a lonely place. Having someone outside of your organisation to help you take distance, put the pieces of the puzzle together, articulate your choices and thinking is often valuable.


Frequently tackled executive coaching topics :

  • taking up a new role - first 100 days

  • discover and use your strengths for greater performance

  • communicate an inspiring vision

  • create and animate an effective executive team

  • difficult decision making and communication

  • prioritization, time management, stress management

Executive coaching is targeted to C-level and directors, entrepreneurs and owners

Contact me to discuss your specific needs and design a tailored coaching journey.