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coaching for performance and balance

Coaching for executives, leaders and teams

Performance and balance

In my experience, there is something very right about people seeking coaching : they decided to invest in themselves, and this gives them a significant head start.


Some of my coachees look to improve their performance at work. Others try to find a better balance.  Why choose?  

I believe performance and balance are strongly interconnected. At times they reinforce each other, at times they bring conflict. Integrating both elements into your coaching journey from the start is the surest way to generate sustainable results both professionally and personally.

We all have many roles, many dreams. And in the end we just have one life

Have you been using your talents today?

Coaching based on strengths

My approach is based on positive psychology and neuroscience principles.

People are at their best, perform better and feel better when they can use their natural talents. Not only do they then achieve their goals, they also have more energy and are more engaged at work.  

Research shows that the time and effort invested in strengthening your natural talents brings significantly more benefits than trying to become good at something you don't do well naturally.  

Start from your strengths.  Focus on the outcome you want to achieve, and find the way to do it in line with your natural talents.  

Something for you?

What do you wish to achieve in the coming weeks and months?

Be yourself at work, reach your professional goals in your own way, using your natural talents
Successfully transitioning to a new role, a new challenge, a new team.
Discover your personal leadership style, the one that will inspire your team to go the extra mile
Manage your time and stress level more effectively
Find professional success and personal fulfilment
Improve team collaboration and results with respect for each individual’s strengths and values

You want performance?

Or balance?

Why not both?

Deciding to invest in yourself is already half of the way

Achieve your goals, starting today

I believe that an effective coaching relationship can help executives, managers and teams to keep a laser focus on their goals. Whatever your current challenge or objective, having someone to hold a mirror in front of you creates greater awareness and helps you discover new ways to achieve better results.


A coaching relationship is a space for listening, completely confidential, without any judgement.  It is a place to be challenged, requiring you to dig deeper in your thinking and also to have fun and experience a real connection.  

Coaching is relevant for anyone facing a challenge in his/her professional career, taking up a new role, or  simply interested in becoming a better version of him/herself.

Executive coaching, leadership coaching, career coaching... Read more to better understand the value coaching can bring to your specific situation.

Individual Coaching

Team coaching improves cohesion and collaboration. It is useful for established teams or newly created ones. It resolves conflict situations, and allows teams to go beyond the current performance.

If you are growing rapidly and adding new people to your team, coaching accelerates the integration process and helps the team reach their "cruising pace" faster. If you work in cross-functional teams or often combine people in new teams, coaching helps them to be effective, faster.

As a short team event or a longer journey, team coaching can be the start of a new team dynamic.

Team Coaching


Christelle Goblet

During my 20 years as a consultant, I have had the privilege to work with executives, leaders and teams driven to create better outcomes in a multitude of contexts. Delivering customer experiences that matter, creating profitable growth, adapting to the challenges of a digital world… these are just a few examples of the challenges most businesses face today.
What became clear to me, when looking at successful projects and companies, is the amazing power and critical importance of one element : the human factor.
An organization delivers greater outcomes when each individual can be at its best, both professionally and personally. When everyone can use its talents every day, is encouraged to grow and be inspired to collaborate to achieve a common vision.
I have been trained in multiple approaches to coaching and had the chance to see first-hand how impactful it is. As an executive, leadership and team coach, I wake up every day energized to help people achieve their personal and professional goals.

I’m a certified Gallup Strength coach and a member of ICF

Christelle Goblet, coach for executives, leaders and teams in search for greater performance and balance

I coach executives, leaders and teams towards greater performance and balance

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